Little Black Dress is the brainchild of veteran Dallas musicians Toby Pipes and Nolan Thies. The two have collaborated on the writing, engineering and producing of all the cuts that will appear on their debut album Snow in June.  Their unique sound might remind you of a deep-cut track from one of your favorite 4AD compilations with influences spanning decades of innovative music - from synth driven sounds of Depeche Mode and Cabaret Voltaire, to the droning but noisy guitars and under-stated vocals of My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain, to the layered melodic swirling of the Cocteau Twins.
Toby Pipes-vocals - guitar
Nolan Thies - bass
Brent Elrod - guitar
Earl Darling - Drums
Cooper Heffley - electric drums / keys
Taylor Tatsch - guitars


What is it about hot-as-hell tumbleweed Texas that's made it a hotbed of modern shoegaze/dreampop? LBD isn't even from Denton (home base Dallas is a half-hour down the interstate), but like that college town's groups, they've likely devoured albums from '80's/'90's 4AD, CReation, and Rough Trade. That was the last time one heard such miasmas of exploding reverbed guitars, such lush layers coaxed from copious effects pedals backing boyish, cooing vocals. Singer Toby Pipes could even pass for a lass in the Rachel Goswell, Miki Berenyi, Belinda Butcher, or Toni Halliday tradition, his angelic choir boy crooning bringing sainted memories of The Boo Radelys's Sice, Pale Saints' Ian Masters, and over here, For Against's Jeffrey Runnings. Meanwhile, three guitarists take you on a long surf of cresting oceanic waves, bits of foam spraying your ears on slower numbers such as the title track, besides full-throated tsunamis like standouts "Robin" and "End Film" Finally, great production helps Snow slot with sparkling'00s work by Sleepover Disaster, Destroy All Dreamers, and England's Secret Shine for the best of this genre since the original scene. (